Blockchain International Community was launched on 25 December 2016 and freely open to all. If you support the ideas expressed in this Manifesto, it is enough for us to understand each other and walk together towards a common goal.

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25 Dec 2016

Mankind has reached the development where information is more valuable than money, and the one who owns the information – owns the world. But the information is subject to manipulation and often not in a positive way.

Humanity is already able to take the next step, a step towards everyone.

The blockchain is a technology that will change the principle of interaction between people, which will bring the society to a whole new stage of development.


- for data transparency

- for an objective opinion

- freedom of thinking

- for the implementation of blockchain technology in the social, civil, administrative, financial, logistical, medical, insurance, and other processof that surround us in everyday life that will allow to simplify the interaction between people, organizations, countries, to improve and to bring a new level of trust people have with each other.

We support improving the quality of literacy, which is aimed at the understanding of the Blockchain. Its prospects and impact on human life and society.

We support developers willing to build new platforms, operating systems that allow us to get rid of domination and influence over us.

We understand that in the current period of globalization, only through joint efforts, in every point of our planet, we can enter the future that is ordained by our destiny.

In support of our ideas and to achieve the goals we create the Future International community and call on the blockchain communities and enthusiasts from around the world not to stand aside and to take all measures for the construction of the future.

Join our enthusiasts!
Special events for members of the International Community the Blockchain and other benefits during the year.


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