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10.03.1027 - System "Blockchain" as the Second Internet

System "Blockchain" as the Second Internet

In the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation discussed an innovative system of storage and access to information

"Blockchain" technology in a distributed form to store information. If the user is the key to this database, it will have access to the provided materials that will provide the openness and transparency many areas of life. However, as with any new technology, "blockchain" today raises many questions and disputes that require solutions from the experts.


In the debate on innovative vector of development of Russian universities in the Commission OP of the Russian Federation on development of science and education actually was open discussion platform. An important topic was the prospects for the implementation of the doctrines of the Fourth industrial revolution in scientific and educational spheres.

The event of the discussion round table "Technologies "blockchain", which raised the issue of demand for youth in the legal space of information technology. The last discussion was of great interest to the academic and scientific community.

The experts continued the discussion in the round table "Perspectives of implementation of the doctrines of the Fourth industrial revolution in scientific and educational spheres", which was held in the Public chamber of the Russian Federation. The peculiarity of this event was the international format. The Chairman of Commission OP of the Russian Federation on development of science and education Alexander Rusakov at the beginning of the discussion outlined the importance of the topic: "Technology "blockchain" — a major breakthrough that can affect all areas of life and society, including in education, innovation in higher education".

Partner "Fanbase capital," Remington Ong shared projects in China: "the Project in the short term, a new incubation program in Shanghai in which three or four University. It is designed to businessmen during his studies, spoke with mentors and mentors. They receive information directly from investors, to understand how to build a startup from the very early stages.

An example of a long-term project: strategic group in China is building a "city of the future". The government will build a pilot project where the entire infrastructure will be innovative, for example, Autonomous cars. Now scientists are trying to understand how such technology can affect the city and the quality of life of the people."

According to experts from China, blockchain becomes integration technology. That is, it subsequently will take the place of the low-level platform, which now is the Internet. "The blockchain" is not a solution to all issues, it is a base international colleagues call it "Internet 2", a new kind of Internet. Remington Ong also noted other advantages in the innovation system: "For example, even when building cities of the future in China, there is a "system block". Each party writes all relevant information into the registry of this increased transparency of information. Everyone will have access to it, which will give the possibility to pass all stages faster.

Blockchain is still at an early stage of development, the first practical application was only in 2013, so the system still need to learn. You should consider that will not be a single "blockchain", they all are built differently, for different clients and different areas, but should easily communicate with one another, monopolies should not be".

Chairman of the Board of NGO "Fund "Scientific breakthrough" Donat Innwwoott launched its initiative: "we Need to talk not just about Russia, and about Russian-speaking audience. Has the greatest opportunity to expand processes in parts of the research history and analytical directions. Need to go to international projects, it is necessary to consider how to integrate it all worked. I support the creation of the innovation center in Moscow where it would be possible to create a point of attraction to not only technology, but also investors, stock markets knew where to turn to. It's the ability to conduct end-to-end projects."

According to Remington Ong, a system of "blockchain" is also convenient to introduce into the medical sphere. Patients will be able to watch your information about the disease and share it at will. In clinical studies of medicines, you can also share experiences that will increase the efficiency of research.

Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on education and science Lyubov Dukhanina asked a question about the right of people to protect information as it is to deal with the distrust of citizens to new technologies.

The expert from China said that "blockchain" is encrypted in the registry, it can be used only with the private key. Thus, every citizen will be in control of their information. With the distrust of citizens is to fight through the educational process, we need to show that even the best hackers can not get information.

In the discussion, member OP the Russian Federation Alexander Rusakov noted that, despite the existing doubts, these innovations cannot be ignored: "Now "blockchain" is developing, it is unknown what will happen to him in five years. This is not only a question of birth and death of new technologies is a question of ideology new platforms. Blockchain, in my opinion, refers more specifically to the civilizational breakthroughs".

Press-service of Public chamber of the Russian Federation

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